Shanghai panzhihua machinery plant SPMP is a professional manufacturer of cold pilger equipment in China. We have developed three series of equipment which are normal speed non-continuous servo type (hollow pipe OD ranges from φ13-φ220), normal speed continuous servo type (hollow pipe OD ranges from φ13-φ89), high speed continuous servo type (hollow pipe OD ranges from φ13-φ63).

With decades of efforts, SPMP has been one of most popular cold pilger machine supplier in China. In the meantime, SPMP has been awarded considerable number of patents, thanks to the R&D department’s endeavor.  The pipes produced by SPMP’s pilger mill are widely applied in such area: automobile, Petroleum chemical industry, urban pipeline, boiler, Aeronautics and astronautics, military and nuclear power station

  • Nuclear power station
  • Automobile
  • Boiler, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Military
  • Petroleum chemical industry
  • Urban pipeline
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